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Welcome to Pitch Podcasts. Here’s how to get started on your amazing adventure!

1 First make an account by clicking the “Get Started Free” button in the top right corner.

2 Next put in your Info.

3 Then you should see this page. It is very important that you follow the steps and complete the checklist. It will make you look more professional if you have a genuine picture of you in the profile picture.

4 After you have set up your account, the next step is to start pitching podcasts. Here’s how. Scroll down the checklist until you see the “Click here to pitch your first podcast, 100% FREE” button

Find the podcast you want to pitch and click on it. Scroll down until you see something like this. Before you pitch the podcast make sure to review the checklist below.

5 After you have read the checklist fill in the “Subject” and “Message” categories. Write something real and unique. Do not just copy and paste a message into each box. Make it count.

Then click “Send Pitch” and you are good to go! Remember you only get three pitches on your free account! Pitch wisely! If you would like to upgrade and get unlimited pitches click here!

BONUS TIP: To see when someone views to your pitch go back to the dashboard and click “Pitches” You can see how many views your pitch has.

Need More Help? If you get stuck or need any help at all please contact us by clicking here.

Signing out – Justus

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