How to get on your Dream Podcast (2022)

Do you want to be an awesome guest on your favorite Podcast? Do you want to be a confident and professional speaker? Do you want to rise to the top in the Podcast world? Then you have come to the right place.

Here are some top tips for being a great guest…


First you need to find out how to get on the Podcast.

First you need to find a podcast. Once you do that you can try to get on it. A great way to grab the attention of the podcast is send the host a personalized email, make it sound real not just a copied and pasted message, an actual thought out email.

  • Suggest topics you can cover and talk about.
  • Engage with the host, try to get a conversation going.
  • Stay in your areas of expertise, don’t try to wing it.
  • Familiarize yourself with your host’s work and hobbies, try to get to know them, and be friendly.
  • Make sure that the podcast aligns with your moral values, it’s no fun to get stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable conversation.
  • Lastly, supply a bio without being asked, it shows initiative.

Once you’re on the show you need to know your way around.

Pay attention to consistent segments and structure.

  • Keep a folder in your computer for your podcasting materials and ideas.
  • Install the right programs and software, it is very important to know how to maneuver the program you are using as well.
  • Ask what the host wants you to do, and don’t try to control the podcast too much.
  • Watch prior episodes, if relevant, it helps to understand the flow of the podcast. Do the requested podcast prep if there is any.
  • Read the reviews and comments of the podcast. Try to get the topics beforehand and prepare.

“Once you’re on the show you need to know your way around. Pay attention to consistent segments and structure.”

After you have finished all the preparation, comes the hardest part: Recording.

It pays to be ready.

  • First check your equipment. It is very important that your voice is not muffled or obstructed in any way.
  • Prepare a few stories that you can use at any time to engage listeners.
  • Have the best audio setup that you can afford, it is extremely important.
  • When the podcast starts you will want to be ready. 

Here is how to sound professional.

First, don’t be on time, be early!

  • Double check your equipment before the recording.
  • And record in a small quiet room with no echoes.
  • When the podcast starts, avoid popping your knuckles, tapping your feet, clicking the mouse, smacking your lips or thumping the desk.
  • Don’t ramble  and have a call to action for listeners. Finally, be confident, smile, and have a whole lot of fun!

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