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Subject line: Possible Podcast Guest

From: Casey Hill <casey_@******.com>

Date: Wed, Jan 29, 2020 at 12:17 PM

Subject: Possible Podcast Guest

To: <media@*************.com>

Hey Rajiv,

Before anything else, I want to thank you for doing that bonus Kobe episode. As a kid growing up in southern california, he was an icon and his loss is devastating to so many of us.

I wanted to reach out because I love the podcast and think my founder might be a great fit for a guest.. I work with a Saas company called Bonjoro that is disrupting conventional marketing/sales processes with personalized video messages. We believe video is a huge lever to bring the human element back to business (our motto is “automate processes, not relationships”).

The CEO has a pretty epic origin story, with a spur of the moment surfing trip culminating in what has grown to be a fast accelerating, global brand. He can speak on topics like the changing landscape of sales/marketing, how to create customer evangelism, how to manage a global remote team, how video is changing business communications in the future or you could chat and come up with a topic that fits for both of you!

If you are interested in having him on or want to chat more about it, I would love to hear from you.


Casey Hill – Growth Manager

Join us at www.bonjoro.com

Special thanks to Rajiv Nathan for this awesome real-world pitch example. You can read more about it here.

10 key points to pitching like a superstar ⭐…

1. LISTEN: Before pitching yourself to be a guest on any podcast, listen to at least one episode to make sure you’re a good fit for the show. Ideally, only pitch yourself to shows that you honestly love and which have hosts that you’d love to connect with and have a conversation with. Focus on connection, not promotion.

2. CONNECT: Connect with the host on social media.

3. REVIEW: Take a couple of minutes to review the show on iTunes. If you aren’t willing to do this, then you probably shouldn’t pitch yourself to be on the show.

4. BE DIFFERENT: In your pitch email, make it really clear on how you’re different and unique.

5. BE SPECIFIC:  Include at least three really specific and unique topics that you can speak on. Not generic things like “business growth” and “online marketing” but your specific take on a topic that is useful and interesting to the show’s audience. Include these with bullet points, so it’s easy to scan through the email and find them.

6. MENTION OTHER SHOWS: If you’ve already been a guest on other podcasts, mention this in the pitch, whether or not they’re big name shows.

7. NAME DROP: Though this can be very annoying in other parts of life and business, if a good friend of yours has already been a guest on the show that you’re pitching to, mention it.

8.  RECIPROCATE: If you have a podcast, and you’d also like to invite the host you’re pitching to be on your show, then say so in the pitch email! If you don’t have a podcast, invite them to do a video interview for your YouTube channel, or a Facebook live in your Facebook group, or even a guest blog post on your website. Offer to reciprocate however you can.

9. PROVIDE ALL YOUR INFO: Don’t be presumptuous and assume that the host will accept you, but do include your full speaker’s bio and photograph in the pitch, so that if you are accepted, the host won’t have to waste time getting them from you.

10.  PROMOTE: In your pitch, make it clear that you’ll be sharing the episode far and wide, and detail how and where you’ll do that. Will you share it to your newsletter? Will you share it on social media? Will it go into your MeetEdgar account to be shared on a regular basis? Will it go on your Media page or Speaking page? Good podcast guests will spend time promoting the episode, and being clear about your intention to do so will make the podcast host happy.

Special thanks to Holly Worton for these 10 awesome points, you can read the full article here!

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