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Podcasting is growing tremendously every year connecting with millions of listeners every day!

It's all about captive audiences, peoples attention spans are short.

You need a focused audience to listen to your message and then act on it. 

Thats where we come in! We work with hundreds of podcasts with millions of listeners who are ready to hear your message!

If you have a message or brand that…

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We want to work with you!

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Promotional Plans (Space is limited)

All of the following promotional packages include:

  1. One Guaranteed Guest Spot on a Podcast (see below).
  2. We will promote you to our HUNDREDS of Podcasts with MILLIONS of listeners using our website, email and personal communications.
  3. Priority placement & special badge on our site for your Guest profile.
  4. Priority placement for search term results related to your experience & skills.

1 Month

ONE guest spot on a podcast with a SMALL audience.

Includes 1 month of promotion at PitchPodcasts.com


2 spots open this month

3 Months

ONE guest spot on a podast with a MEDIUM audience.

Includes 3 months of promotion at PitchPodcasts.com


3 spots open this month

6 Months

ONE guest spot on a podast with a LARGE audience.

Includes 6 months of promotion at PitchPodcasts.com


1 spot open this month

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