🎁 Podcast Guest Appearance – Giveaway

Your chance of a lifetime…to be trained by the best and be a guest on a great podcast! πŸ₯³

If you win this giveaway you are guaranteed a guest appearance on a great podcast.Β  What you will learn along the way will be priceless!

Our team at PitchPodcasts.com will teach and assist you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! πŸ‘

The winner will be assisted by our team & learn…

  1. How to find the best podcasts where they can pack the biggest punch, make the biggest difference!
  2. The secrets top guests know for making a pitch that connects with podcasts and converts to guest spots.
  3. How to prepare to be an exceptional guest on a podcast once they have secured a guest spot.
  4. Making their guest appearance impact the podcast audience in engaging and amazing ways (and how to get called back again)!

This prize is valued at over πŸ’° $2,500.00 but what you learn is even more valuable than that!Β  We will help our winner, BE HEARD, and Grow Their Brand…so they can change the world, and this is the greatest prize of all!

Giveaway is open to anyone age 18+, anywhere in the world (where local laws allow)!

Good Luck! πŸ‘


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